Bindjareb Boodja Landscapes

We are pleased to present our second edition of “Bindjareb Boodja Landscapes:  A Strategy for Natural Resource Management in the Peel-Harvey Region, Western Australia”.

This edition of Bindjareb Boodja Landscapes incorporates contemporary community aspirations, identifies how we can collectively respond to regional issues and how the PHCC will address Australia Government requirements to plan for and deliver on our 5 year Outcomes and Investment Priorities of our Regional Landcare Agreements (RLP) for our Peel-Harvey Region.

This NRM plan builds on our inaugural Binjareb Boodja Landscapes 2025.

There is much work to do to protect and restore our patch.  We thank everyone who is actively involved in natural resource management and invite those aren’t yet, to join us.

Our Vision

The Peel-Harvey Catchment is once again a flourishing network of interconnected, productive landscapes, with diverse, healthy and resilient ecosystems, globally and locally recognised, acknowledged and embraced for its environmental significance. It is wisely managed by a community that values it – people working together for a healthy environment.


Land & Water