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1 July 2020 (Out of Session)
Estuary Grants Program: Fish Friendly Farms Project

Fish Friendly Farms Description of Works

Fish Friendly Farms Budget


22 April 2020 (Out of Session)
Alcoa Foundation Connecting Corridors and Communities:

3.1 Procurement (Endorsed)

Karu Bilya Fencing Quote

GP Forestry Quote (Karu Bilya Site A)

Site Maps


28th November 2019
6. Alcoa Foundation Connecting Corridors and Communities:


Project progress report


7. Estuary Grants:


Project progress report

Murdoch University Agreement (variation proposed)

HRRT River Health Assessments Final Report


8. Partnership Funding: Shire of Murray:

Project brief


9. Ramsar On-grounds:

Progress Report


12th March 2019

Action from Meeting: Alcoa Dec 2018 Report: Measurable Outcomes Table

Attachments Rivercare

Attachments Ramsar On-Grounds



We acknowledge the Noongar people as Traditional Custodians of this land and pay our respects to all Elders past and present