Are you a recreational fisher in the areas of the Peel-Harvey? Peel-Harvey Catchment Council is working with OzFish Unlimited to support the recreational fishing community in their efforts to protect and restore our waterways to improve habitat for fish. 

The Peel-Harvey Catchment Council’s Estuary Grants Program funded by the State Governments Royalties for Regions, supports a suite of activities and actions that aim to improve the health of our rivers and estuary and in doing so, involve and inspire the community to better value our waterways as habitat for fish. The ‘Fish Friendly Farms’ project that falls under this program, and focuses on improving in-stream habitat, to create healthier riparian ecosystems for native fish species that inhabit our waterways such as Black Bream, and it is through this project that the PHCC has teamed up with OzFish Unlimited to engage the larger recreational fishing sector.

OzFish Unlimited is a not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to helping the millions of Australian recreation fishers take control of the health of their rivers, lakes and estuaries to shore up the future of the sport they love. OzFish partners with fishers and the broader community, injecting time and money into the protection and restoration of our waterways, counteracting decades of degradation (to find out more click here). The PHCC engage with a diverse range of landholders along our Harvey, Murray and Serpentine rivers, including the recreational fishing community. By partnering with OzFish Unlimited this further expands the range of new opportunities to engage and collaborate with this community, particularly in fish habitat restoration activities.

Earlier this month, stakeholders and the community were given the opportunity to come together at the Ozfish lead event ‘Crusty Fishers and Crab Chats’ that was held at the Mandurah Offshore Fishing and Sailing Club. This event was the first step in raising awareness of how rec fishers can rally together to form a proactive group, with the capacity to pursue and deliver habitat restoration activities within the lower reaches of our rivers that lead into the estuary. With approximately 25 in attendance, participants received presentations from OzFish Project Officer Alanna Cooper who gave an overview of fish habitat improvement opportunities within the Peel-Harvey area. Leyland Campbell from Recfishwest discussed current projects and also local fishing issues and PHCC’s Jesse Rowley (Healthy Waterways Officer) presented on the important role that the PHCC is playing to help improve the health and biodiversity of our rivers and estuary. Following these presentations, participants joined an open discussion to share and learn more about how they can become involved in leading fish habitat improvement projects.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like to become involved, please visit the OzFish Unlimited website here or get in touch with Alanna Cooper at Also keep an eye out on our PHCC website and Facebook page to find out about future events.

This project aligns closely with other exciting PHCC projects currently underway including the Stock Enhancement of Black Bream ( and the Restoring the Black Pygmy Mussel in the Murray River ( projects.

This project is supported by the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council through funding provided by the State Government’s Royalties for Regions.

We acknowledge the Noongar people as Traditional Custodians of this land and pay our respects to all Elders past and present