Mandurah Performing Arts Centre:  Ormsby Tce, Mandurah
Thursday, 31st May 2018


8.30 – 9.00        Arrival and Registration

9.00 – 9.25        Event Opening and Introduction s    

Introduction and Event Overview Jane O’Malley (PHCC)

Welcome to Country Harry Nannup

Mayoral Welcome Deputy Mayor Caroline Knight


9.25 – 10.45      Government’s Perspective and Setting the Scene

Introduction Natarsha Woods (Wheatbelt NRM)

Federal Government Perspective Dr Sally Box (Threatened Species Commissioner)

WA Biodiversity and Agriculture Management Act Andrew Reeves (DPIRD)

Defining the Impacts to Australian Wildlife John Woinarski (Charles Darwin University)

Community Perceptions and social momentum Gaye Mackenzie (Consultant)

Panel Q&A Session John Woinarski, Peter Klinken (WA Chief Scientist), Margaret Byrne, Sally Box


10.45 – 11.15      Morning Tea


11.15 – 12.45      The Future of Techniques for Feral Predator Control

Introduction Paul Thomas (University of Adelaide)

Gene Editing; Introduction and Social Licence Margaret Byrne (DBCA) & Mark Tizard (CSIRO)

The CRISPR toolkit for genetic biocontrol of invasive species Owain Edwards (CSIRO)

Detection dogs & their role in feral cat management Scott Thompson (Terrestrial Ecosystems)

Implementing Humane & Responsible Feral Cat Control Di Evans (RSPCA)

Panel Session: What does the future of feral cat control look like in Australia? Owain Edwards, Di Evans, Gay Mackenzie


12.45 – 1.45      Lunch

1.45 – 2.50        Case Studies of Feral Cat Control

Introduction Bruce Webber (WABSI)

Charles Darwin Reserve Trials Vanessa Westcott (Bush Heritage Australia)

Indigenous Led Feral Cat Control in Remote Desert Regions Rachel Paltridge (Desert Wildlife Services)

Dryandra Numbat Woylie Project Peter Lacey (DBCA)

Public Preferences for Cat Control in the Dryandra Region Vandana Subroy (UWA)

Wheatbelt NRM Feral Cat Project Rowan Hegglun (Wheatbelt NRM) 


2.50 – 3.30        Afternoon Tea


3.30 – 4.30        Case Studies of Feral Cat Control (continued)

Dirk Hartog Island Dave Algar (DBCA) 

Establishing a national network of feral cat-free areas Atticus Fleming (AWC)

Panel Session: Keys to successful Feral Cat Control Vanessa Westcott, Dave Algar, Richard McLellan, Rachel Paltridge, Atticus Fleming


4.30 – 4.45        Event wrap up and close

We acknowledge the Noongar people as Traditional Custodians of this land and pay our respects to all Elders past and present