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Sally Box

The Threatened Species Commissioner

Andrew Reeves

      The process to declare feral        cats

John Woinarski

Feral cats…. the facts speak for themselves. Or do they?

Gaye MacKenzie

The impacts of feral cats on Australian wildlife.

Paul Thomas

Future technologies for feral predator control.

Margaret Byrne

Gene editing for invasive species control. 

Owain Edwards

The CRISPR toolkit for genetic biocontrol of invasive species.

Scott Thompson

Detection dogs and their role in feral cat management. 

Di Evans

Implementing humane and responsible feral cat control.

Bruce Webber

Case studies of feral cat  management.

Vanessa Westcott

Bush Heritage Australia: Tackling the threat of feral cats.

Rachel Paltridge / Christine Ellis

Indigenous Rangers integrate old and new technologies to manage cats.

Vandana Subroy

Stakeholder preferences for wildlife and feral predator management.

Rowan Hegglun

Integrated Management of Vertebrate pests within fragmented landscapes. 

Dave Algar

Cat eradication on Dirk Hartog   Island.

Atticus Fleming

A national network of cat-free     areas. 

Peter Lacey

Dryandra Woylie / Numbat        Project 

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