Frequently Asked Questions

Do you sometimes find yourself unsure as to who you should call when you need help?

Do you just need a little guidance as to what to do in a certain situation?

Do you have an administrative task and want to request assistance?

Do you want unlimited access to the collective administrative brains trust?

If you answered yes to any, or all…hopefully this will help!!

Insurance - Contractor Certificates of Currency
  • Certificates of currency provide a snapshot of the policy holders details, amount covered and nature of the cover
  • The most common insurance you will encounter is public liability cover, which generally covers a wide range of risks relating to personal injury, property damage and advertising liability. Public liability is also referred to as combined business liability insurance
  • The need to view or request a copy of a certificate of currency from a contractor, landholder or stakeholder should be considered as part of an event plan and/or risk assessment
  • When a copy of the certificate is provided, it should be saved here S:\Work (PHCC) Documents\OM (Org Mgt)\I_Insurance\800_Certs of Ins_Other Orgs

Lasar are your people for most things IT!

For immediate assistance for things like: no connectivity; login issues; missing files; bouncing emails; hardware/software failure; and  spam emails call 95175080 (between 8am – 5.30pm)

Before calling Lasar please take the time to check/do the following:  check in and see if the issue is occurring for others in your space; reboot your machine; make sure you are logging in correctly; and check that your mouse/keyboard is on and working.

If you don’t get an appropriate response from Lasar or you are advised it is a ‘bigger issue’ please let admin know and they will escalate.

For niggling issues that don’t require an immediate response email

For access to additional folders (s) or (x) drive, please request approval via your supervisor before sending that through to Deb.

For out of hours issues between 7am – 8am and 5.30pm – 7.30pm weekdays and daylight hours on the weekends please text Deb.

Requests for new IT hardware and software should go through the normal approvals process, so chat to your supervisor first.

Purchase Orders

For writing Purchase orders and Petty Cash dockets. Use the Who? What? When? Where? method to record details eg:

Who?: Dew’s Berry Catering

What?: Catering – morning tea for XYZ Workshop, 10 people @ $10/person

When?: 14th October 2021

Where?: PHCC office

Also, the account code to be included and budget custodian to initial.


Please discuss any requests for new items with your supervisor, as in most cases they will need to sign off or okay purchases.

Admin can help with a list of the items that are currently available from our suppliers.

Email requests are preferred, but if you need an item urgently please get in touch with your admin team member.


Please direct any concerns or queries in relation the vehicles to your admin team member. This includes maintenance, availability and new vehicle equipment requests.

Emails are preferred, however, if you need assistance urgently don’t hesitate to call your admin team member and/or supervisor and they will co-ordinate a response.

We acknowledge the Noongar people as Traditional Custodians of this land and pay our respects to all Elders past and present