Peel-Harvey Decision Support System Biodiversity Toolbox

The PHCC, in partnership in with the Department of Land Administration, has developed an on-line GIS system that will allow NRM professionals and the community to access relevant spatial data for the Peel-Harvey Catchment including the vegetation trend analysis work developed by Dr Peter Hick through the Peel-Harvey Biodiversity Project.

Funding for the for the original biodiversity project that has progressed to develop this Toolbox was provided by the Natural Heritage Trust (NHT), a joint initiative of the State and Australian Governments and administered by the South West Catchments Council.  The development of the DSS Toolbox would not have been possible without the significant efforts of Adrian Allen and his team at the Department of Land Administration; all credit and much appreciation is given for their work and that of Dr Peter Hick from the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council.

The online GIS database contains numerous data layers for the Peel-Harvey Catchment including:

  • Landsat Satellite and Aerial photography imagery,
  • SPOT satellite imagery,
  • Digital Elevation Models,
  • Roads, cadastre and town locations,
  • Salinity and High Water Table Potential data, and
  • Vegetation Trend, cover and change data.

The database was developed to allow the information to be accessible over the internet via a 56kps dial-up modem or better. The system also has search and information tools and the facilities to develop printable maps.

A username and password is required to login to the landmonitor system.  The need for a formalised login has not been done to restrict usage, we welcome and encourage any use of the system but do need to track who is using the system (which helps with applying for on-going funding) but we do need to protect the intellectual property involved and limit access to some data within the system which has been donated to the PHCC for non-commercial use only.

Use the following details to log in to the website:

Username: phdss_guest
Password: Semuha211638


Click here to access the Biodiversity Tool Box User Manual