Binjareb Boodja Landscapes 2025 has been prepared with the help of our community. The Strategy is intended to provide guidance for everyone working in the natural environment, and in the social and economic areas that interact with, and depend on, that environment.

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Final Strategy

Appendix A (Consultation Report) Appendix G (Regional Water Resources Watercourses & Wetlands Snapshot)
Appendix B (Literature Review Bibliography) Appendix H (Coastal & Nearshore Snapshot)
Appendix C (Federal & State Legislation & Policies) Appendix I (Regional Landuse Snapshot)
Appendix D (Regional Natural Assets Register) Appendix J (Proposed Methodology to Prioritise NRM Strategies for Investment)
Appendix E (Regional Land & Soils Snapshot) Appendix K (Climate Change)
Appendix F (Regional Biodiversity & Natural Areas Snapshot)

In order to ensure that our natural assets register is up to date, please indicate on the map below anything you believe should included.

Interactive Peel-Harvey Region map

You are welcome to identify site(s) on the map below (in addition to your submission) which are of importance to you. Please enter as many as you wish, with one site per entry.

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Your nominated site, story and values (questions 1-3) will be shared on a whole of catchment map that will be available on the PHCC website following the consultation period.

1. Address / Lot Number (if known)

2. Tell us the story of your valued natural asset (description, values, threats, etc in < 200 words)

3. What do you value about this asset?
 Production or economic values Biodiversity values Wetland or watercourse values Cultural / Community Connection Recreational values Landscape or amenity values Other. Please specify

4. Are you willing to contribute to the management of the site?
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You may also attach a file to upload that supports your story and the site's feature(s).

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