All PHCC Policies that have been adopted by the Board or approved by the Chief Executive Officer will be added to this page for reading.

1.1 Board of Management (reviewed)
1.2 Board Induction
1.3  Board Meetings
1.4 Board Recruitment
1.5 Board Remuneration
1.6 Grievance Resolution
1.7 Sub-Committees
1.8 Board Performance Review
2.1 Recruitment (reviewed)
2.7 Time Off In Lieu (TOIL) (reviewed)
2.11 Motor Vehicles
2.14 Volunteers
3.1 Procurement
4.1 Code of Ethics
4.2 Conflict of Interest
4.3 Risk Management
4.4 Gifts and Benefits
4.5 Policy Framework (reviewed)
4.6 Insurance
4.8 Media

For ease of reference whilst reading policies, the following documents are available here:

PHCC Constitution

Risk Management Plan

Delegations of Authority