PHCC Rivers 2 Ramsar: Biodiversity Fund application successful

We are pleased to announce that the PHCC’s Biodiversity Fund Round Two 2013-14, project proposal  “Peel-Harvey Rivers 2 Ramsar: Connecting River Corridors for Landscape Resilience project has been supported. This is a four year project to be completed by June 2017. Further information will be provided in due course.

Project summary:  In the face of climate change and increased fragmentation, the retention and restoration of ecological and cultural corridors from the headwaters of our major rivers to the receiving waters of the Ramsar listed Peel-Yalgorup System is fundamental in creating a resilient landscape for listed fauna such as Carnaby’s Cockatoos.

Working with project partners, community, and the local Noongar communities, we will protect cultural and ecological values by improving ecosystem function of the Harvey, Serpentine and Murray Rivers (including the Hotham-Williams). Activities to improve land management practices will control animal pests and weeds and reconstruct terrestrial and aquatic habitats to reconnect corridors increasing refuge, breeding and food sources for native fauna that traverse the landscape.

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